Sunday, September 25, 2011

The We're All Made Awesome Blog Award

Okay, I made this award for my adopted twitter sister Brielle B. She has been a great cheerleader during my time of writing/rewriting/revising my ms. She not only has read the "original" version, but is now reading the newest one. For that alone I felt like I should give her an award. So I made the We're All Made Awesome Blog Award in honor of my awesome bookworm Brielle!

Now, we all know after making this award that I couldn't just give it to one person. I have too many awesome people out there that deserve it too. Two, Like Bri, have read the "original" version and now have the newest one. The rest have been kind to help in other ways & I truly love them for all that they have done. So here are my Mad Bloggers that I have chosen to receive this award. Also, they are NOT in any particular order.

Okay. Okay. You caught me. All of my award winners are my girls. My favorite bloggers. But to be honest, they really do fit the award. We're all a little mad (in the writing sense) and awesome. So congrats everybody! I love you all!

Now happy writing every one!!


  1. Happy writing you crazy woman!! :D

  2. We love ya, Jamie! :) Happy writing!

  3. Awww, you always know how to make me smile. Thank you! I <3 you! :D