Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Sample of My Writing: The Reunion: The First 255 Words

Yesterday I decided to send the first novel that I ever wrote to a few friends and family who had been asking to see my work.  It takes a lot for me to allow people in to my creative world because I do not believe that my writing is anything worth being seen.  At least not at this point.  It is a first draft; which means it needs revising and rewriting.  I've been told by a close friend that the feeling of your writing not being good enough comes with the job.  Just an occupational hazard is how I believe she put it.  I know this to be true.  Any how, I decided that if I was going to let them see my work that I might as well let you all see a sample of it.  Below is the first 255 words of my novel. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

It's coming out a little funny. I've tried my best to fix it; but it won't cooperate with me. Oh, well! 

Name: Jamie Corrigan
Title: The Reunion
Genre: Romance

The Wall

“He’s married.” And with those two words, my world stopped spinning. 

I hadn’t thought about him in years. Yeah, maybe a memory would come to mind; but only for a 
second or two.  Nothing special about that.  It happens to us all.  It doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just something that happens.  But what if that’s what we tell our selves?  What if it means everything?  

I’m just being silly.  Of course it doesn’t mean anything.  We were kids.  We were too young to
know what love was.  What real love was.  I have that now, so I know what that love feels like.  What we 
had was puppy love.  It was what kids do.  It was never going to be real.

So why am I finding it hard to breath ever since Katy told me the news?  Why is this affecting me so much?

“Morgan.  Are you alright?”  Katy was looking at me concerned.  “I’m fine.  I just wasn’t expecting that.”  I forced a smile.  She wasn’t buying it.  “Morg, I know how much yo-”  “Crushed on him.  Yeah, that was a long time ago.”  “No, I was going to say cared about him.  It’s understandable.  He was your first love.”  I waved my hand and shook my head, “It’s fine Katy.  I’m fine.  Besides, I have my own wedding to plan.”  I forced another smile.  This time more convincingly because Katy seemed to believe it.  “Ok.  That’s my girl!  Now let’s get to planning this wedding!”

Katy had been my best friend for years

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