Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charcoal and Hot Chocolate by Irene Rose: A Review

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I picked up Charcoal and Hot Chocolate hoping for a good read, but got an amazing one instead. How Irene wrote Ellie and River's story is spot on and felt more like I was reading a real love story instead of a fictional one. 

Ellie's a shy art student with strict parents that she chooses to get away from by going to school far away from them. She's content with her life and art, but then here comes River who I love so freakin much! His awkwardness mixed with her shyness sucked me in. I like characters who aren't just beautiful people with no issues to dirty their perfectness. Maybe it's because of this trait Irene gave him that made River so understanding as Ellie blossomed into the girl she is in the end of the book. Honestly, I think I love this book so much more because of River than Ellie and I really do like her a ton. She's a wonderful MC and one that I generally identify with.

And that's why I really held on for the ride. Ellie. How Irene wrote her in a way that made me feel like we could be friends. She felt real and I like that. It's that realness that made her journey with River one that I was willing to invest in. 

All-in-all, Charcoal and Hot Chocolate is a NA book that I highly recommend. It's a read you won't regret and I promise that! I'm giving it a solid A+!

Until next time, happy reading and writing everyone!

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